Paper crafting exhibition

Sat 14 Mar 2020 to Sun 15 Mar 2020

  • $10 Adults

The revival of paper crafting is great news for grandparents and retirees.

Paper crafting is undergoing a revival across Australia. In March over 500 people are expected to attend the From Picture to Page and Beyond paper craft show in Kangaroo Flat to take classes, watch craft demonstrations, and buy crafting supplies as they nurture their passion.

To start paper crafting, you can put aside as little as one afternoon a month. Or perhaps find an hour before bed. Wherever you are now with you life, you can make it work and the great thing about paper crafting is that you can use any space, as it’s easy to pack everything away and let it sit it in the corner until it's time to play again.

If money is tight, paper crafting is a hobby that can start small and grow as you and the grand kiddies’ interests and skills develop. You can also rekindle your own childhood passions, rediscover old skills and learn new ones. And for those people that think they “can’t draw” you can still get creative, using your childhood skills of colouring, cutting and pasting.

Entry is $10, and kids under 16 and reluctant partners have free entry.