Holiday Electronics Workshops Return - Bendigo

Wed 14 Nov 2018 11:29 pm to 11:29 pm

  • Longlea Lane Longlea VIC

School holiday electronics workshops for kids are being offered by members of Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club.

Workshops will be held at Longlea on July 11th and 12th, with the aim of providing skills and enthusiasm to the next generation of engineers.

There will be two workshops. Workshop 1 will be for beginners, seven years and over, where they will learn about electrical circuits and make a solar grasshopper to take home.

In workshop 2, for 10 years and over, participants will learn how to solder and make a crazy cricket or frog to take home.

There will also be a third workshop for those that have been before.

Costs range from $25.00 for the beginners workshops, to $55.00 for the advanced workshops.

 To secure a spot for your child and to find out more details, phone Ross on 0488 109 353.