BREAKING NEWS: 38,000 Bats Halts Bendigo’s Air Ambulances

August 2, 2023 10:56 am in by
Photo: Bence / 500px on Getty images

Bendigo’s Air Ambulances have been halted by 38,000 Bats that have taken over Rosalind Park.

During the confirmed air ambulance incident, the aircraft landed at Bendigo Airport and the patient was transported to the hospital by road, which is standard procedure if they can’t land, according to Ambulance Victoria.

Gaelle Broad, a local National Party Member, has raised her concerns over the delays for emergency services on the Neil Mitchell Show.

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Not only is the local hospital at risk, but one of Bendigo’s biggest calendar events.

Tomorrow on the show, Robbo will speak with Simon Mulqueen about the potential impact on the Bendigo Easter Fair.