Alligator Weed Infestation at Bendigo Creek

October 11, 2023 12:03 pm in by
Credit: Gold Central Victoria

Agriculture Victoria is asking the community to keep an eye out for alligator weed with the only known aquatic alligator weed infestation north of the Great Divide in Victoria, located at Bendigo Creek.

This highly adaptable weed may have spread during last year’s floods and will now start being noticeable as the weather warms up and plants grow larger.

Agriculture Victoria Leading Biosecurity Officer- Incursion Control Kaitlin Wright, says they “are asking the community to keep a careful watch out for the weed, especially when out walking along Northern Victorian waterways.”

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“The Bendigo Creek infestation threatens to displace local native flora, damage habitat for native animals, clog up drains and other infrastructure, and block water flow, with plants growing rapidly on both land and water.”

Alligator weed is a State prohibited weed, the highest category of declared noxious weed in Victoria – and has been found in patches over a stretch of about 30 kilometres of Bendigo Creek.


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