Demolitions “Hinder” Goldfields World Heritage Bid

March 6, 2023 1:06 pm in by

The Bendigo branch of the National Trust says demolitions approved by council hinder the Goldfields World Heritage bid.

It comes after an historic 1850s California Gully bakery and grocer, on Watson Avenue, was recently demolished.

President of the local arm of the National Trust, Peter Cox, said it’s important that council doesn’t “contradict” the bid for the Central Victorian Goldfields UNESCO heritage status.

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“While the branch supports the strategy for the World Heritage bid, it doesn’t take the responsibility away from council in protecting the heritage that we have left today.”

“But it is a very complex issue and we’re looking forward to seeing the actually documentation about the bid,”.

Mr Cox said that council has no way of enforcing its own heritage overlay.

“So, it’s not protecting its investment,” he said.

“Over the years, it’s spent hundreds and hundred of thousands of dollars doing heritage studies protecting properties, but then they don’t monitor and [they] believe they have no jurisdiction when it comes to enforcement.”

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The site is earmarked for a housing development and a child care centre.

Image: Emile Pavlich.


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