Equal the Contest: Taking Action on Equality in Grassroots Sports

June 3, 2024 10:56 am in by

Bendigo-based filmmaker, Mitch Nivalis, aims to change the conversation around inclusivity and sport with their documentary, Equal the Contest.

The feature film follows Mitch joining the Mt Alexander Falcons football club – a new club, that boasts an inclusive environment – despite never touching a footy before!

Over the last year, Equal the Contest has screened thousands of people around Australia and worldwide.

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Sports Focus will work with Mitch to develop a workshop to continue educating community sports clubs and advancing inclusion and gender equality and re-edit the feature film to a short 20 minutes – focusing on the positive actions of the Mt Alexander Falcons football club.

The funding for the workshop was secured from the Victorian State Government’s Change our Game Community Activation Program.

Sports Focus’ Club Development & Special Projects Lead, Lauren Fawcett, says the organisation believes that every club can take something from the film.

“If it leads to conversations about making our local sporting environments more welcoming, safe and inclusive then that can only be a good thing!” Fawcett says.

The workshop component will be delivered to six selected sports clubs as part of a pilot project.

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Filmmaker Mitch Nivalis sits down with in-house Journalist, Tayla Oates, to talk about the film, the workshop and the future of inclusive sport.

Once complete, the film and workshop will be available for sports clubs via the film’s