Over 14,000 People in Greater Bendigo Living in Poverty

September 1, 2023 8:55 am in by
Photo: Gold Central Victoria

Startling research has found over sixteen percent of children in the Greater Bendigo region are living in poverty.

The Victorian Council of Social Service has found that the poverty rate is higher in regional and rural areas than in the Melbourne CBD.

The Mapping Poverty in Victoria study found that the Greater Bendigo region has a total of 14,643 people currently living in poverty which is an overall poverty rate of 13.2 percent of residents.

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Other statistics in the region include:

  • 16.6 percent of over 65s are living in poverty
  • 13.1 percent of women are living in poverty
  • 3.4 percent of full-time employed people are living in poverty
  • 31.4 percent of those aged between 25 and 64 who are not in the labour force are living in poverty
  • 6.6 percent of homeowners with a mortgage are living in poverty
  • 25.7 percent of private renters are living in poverty