Tight-Knit Regional Communities Contribute to Gendered Violence Rise

April 26, 2024 9:30 am in by
Credit: Tianjin Shi via Getty Images.

A rise of violence against women across the country can be blamed on societal structures – that’s according to researcher Dr Emily Corbett.

Local research done over nine years ago highlights the cultural problems embedded within regional communities which unintentionally encourages victim-survivors to be ignored.

In partnership with Centre Against Sexual Assault — Central Victoria, Dr Corbett’s most recent study discovered why these behaviours continue.

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Dr. Corbett calls for regional communities to do better.

Dr Corbett says the study uncovered why women don’t want to go through the process for justice.

Bendigo residents will come together at Rosalind Park this Sunday, as part of a national rally against gendered violence.

The rally comes following the deaths of three Central Victorian women, Samantha Murphy, Rebecca Young, and most recently, Hannah McGuire.