Sherri Parry: ‘I Think I’m in Love Again’

February 14, 2024 9:34 am in by
Credit: Supplied.

Independent Bendigo musician Sherri Parry launches her new single ‘I Think I’m in Love Again with the ironic release date being Valentines Day 2024.

The first taste of new music from Parry in four years is the most heavily produced and worked on yet.

“The song’s lyrics depict the gradual and imminent downward slope of a relationship.” says Parry, adding “it presents a new sound in a post covid world, polar opposite to the sunshine and rainbows demeanour of my previous releases.”

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Sherri Parry and Tom Hadlow popped into the studio with Robbo on the Wake Up Call this morning to sing her new single ‘I Think I’m in Love Again’ live!

I Think I’m in Love Again is available everywhere 14th February 2024.

After opening for John Butler at Ulmburra Theatre during Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival in November 2019, Parry went on to release the 13 track album ‘Leave The Flowers’ in February of 2020. With lockdowns eliminating any chance of a tour, Parry spent the isolation writing new music.

Since January 2021, Parry joined forces with Bendigo guitarist, engineer and producer, Tom Hadlow to start building the next project. Working through the heat of the summer, the pair are independently recording and producing Parry’s new songs for her upcoming new album. The songs embody the feeling of melancholy, desperation, and anger shifting Parry’s music in a very new direction.  

‘With previous albums I’d been addiment about sharing music that sounded like what you got live,’ says Parry.

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‘I’ve done a complete 180 with that thinking and dived head first into exploring the production possibilities available to us.’

Parry will be celebrating the release with an official single launch on February 17th at Tyson’s Reef Hotel Bendigo. Fellow Bendigo local performers Steph Bitter, and Bridie Lynas accompanied by Jared Healy will grace the beer garden stage from 7pm with Parry and a 3 piece band later in the evening. The event is free and open to general public.

The storyteller blends genres to create a sound with pop, jazz, and indie foundations and embellishments of folk, alternative and neo-soul – sometime sprinkling a touch of rock if needed. Parry is nearly completely self-taught with no formal education, unless you count YouTube and