Work Site Materials “Easy Targets” Amid Slow Builds, Police Say

March 14, 2023 1:56 pm in by

Bendigo Police says with supply chain issues causing building delays, loose materials on work sites are becoming easy targets for would-be criminals.

Acting sergeant Jamie Stubbins told Robbo on The Wake Up Call that items such as “expensive appliances still in boxes, copper wiring and, of course, their own tools” are targeted by thieves.

“There’s an increase in properties that are under-construction given the slowdown,” Stubbins said.

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“They will return, sometimes after a weekend or maybe even overnight, and those items will be stolen.”

He said even basic precautions can prevent this type of crime.

“Even securing it [the building site’s fencing] with a chain and a padlock will stop people wandering in,” Mr Stubbins said.