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Mental health at work in focus

Are you involved in business and want to learn how to support your mental health?  

Mount Alexander Shire Council is encouraging the local business community to come along  to a new workshop program aimed at helping people develop practical tools for managing  their mental health.  

The program is called Mindfit at Work, and comprises of monthly sessions that each explore  a different aspect of mental health and wellbeing.  

The next session, Build Mental Muscles, is being held on Tuesday 15 June from 6.00pm– 7.30pm at the Phee Broadway Theatre (pending further health advice), and will explore  neuroplasticity, the nervous system, and how to read the warning signs for personal stress  triggers.  

Council’s Economic Development Officer, Eva Parkin, said the program was about equipping  local businesses with skills to not only survive, but thrive, in both challenging and positive  times.  

“We all want to be able to perform at our best when we’re working, and these workshops are  really useful at unpacking some of the negative thinking and patterns of behaviour that can  stop us from enjoying work,” said Ms Parkin.  

“The feedback from participants who attended our first session in May was overwhelmingly  positive, so I encourage anyone thinking of attending our June workshop, to book early to  avoid disappointment.”  

Pam Oxley from Oxley Feed Mills in Strangways attended the first Mindfit at Work session,  Stinking Thinking, in May and said she found the experience beneficial.  

“The past year has been an incredibly challenging one for all of us here at Oxley Feed Mill,”  said Ms Oxley.  

“We were lucky enough to be able to continue working and follow the strict COVIDSafe  rules, but it has left us feeling exhausted and drained.”  

“The workshop taught us some thought provoking, self-analysis techniques to help us  change our mindset to a more positive, empowered one.”  

“Using the techniques that we learnt at the workshop will help us overcome the feelings that  have lingered since last year, and help us work together in a positive way for a productive  outcome,” said Ms Oxley. 

Upcoming sessions in the Mindfit at Work program include:  

∙ Build Mental Muscles, Tuesday 15 June, 6.00pm–7.30pm 

Topics include neuroplasticity and the nervous system, and how to read the warning signs  for personal stress triggers. 

∙ Happiness Hacks, Tuesday 13 July, 10.00am–11.30am  

Examine what happiness at home and at work looks like, and how to cultivate it.  

∙ Mindset Reset, Monday 9 August, 6.00pm–7.30pm  

Learn how to be more resilient by adopting a Growth Mindset in Mindset Reset– enjoy  challenges, strive to learn and see the potential to develop new skills.  

∙ Focus, Tuesday 7 September, 10.00am–11.30am 

Explore the neural pathways of self-reference and their impact on focus and our ability to  not become overwhelmed – particularly relevant right now.  

∙ Bounce, Monday 4 October, 6.00pm–7.30pm  

Discover how to rebound from and excel in response to uncertainty, adversity and  disappointment. 

The Mindfit at Work sessions are being held at various locations throughout the shire, with  details on the booking site. All sessions will be CovidSafe, and tickets go on sale three  weeks prior to each session. Places are limited. 

For further information on the workshops and to book your place, visit  

www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/BusinessResources or contact Eva Parkin, Council’s  Economic Development Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 5471 1700. 




IMAGE: The Oxley family. MRSC