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Keeping road safety in the family

Mount Alexander Shire Council’s newest school crossing supervisor comes from a long-line of road safety enthusiasts.

Caitriona Holmes is the third generation in their family to take on the role of school crossing supervisor, and is now working on Harmony Way in central Harcourt, the road they crossed as a child on the way to primary school.

Caitriona’s mum, Michelle Holmes, is also a school crossing supervisor as was Caitriona’s grandmother, Maureen James (Michelle’s mum), who worked at school crossings for 20 years in outer south-east Melbourne.

Caitriona is loving the role and said being in Harcourt where crossing the main road, now called Harmony Way, is a lot safer than when it was the Calder Highway.

“It’s quiet and I already know some of the kids,” Caitriona said.

However, they are surprised by the number of drivers on hand-held phones and not paying attention as they approach the crossing.

“It’s breaking the law to be driving while talking on a hand-held phone at any time.”

“Even though schools have not been as active during COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s better to drive safely, watch out for pedestrians and slow down in school zones especially during school times and stop when the crossing supervisor holds up a stop sign,” Caitriona said.

Both Caitriona and Michelle, who coordinates staff working at nine school crossing sites across the shire, have the same message for drivers.

“Please slow down when approaching school crossings or in school zones,” they said.

“We know that during COVID-19 restrictions, people have been unsure whether schools are running but children are now returning to classrooms and drivers need to be extra cautious around schools.

“Please, for the children’s and your own sakes, stick to 40km or less near schools. It’s safer for everybody.”



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School Crossing Supervisors Michelle and Caitriona Holmes