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Man sentenced in County Court

A 23-year old man has been sentenced in the Bendigo County Court to two years prison after pleading guilty to raping a girl when he was 17-years-old.

The man could be out of prison as soon as April next year.

His name has also been added to the sex offenders register and he will be required to report to police for 7-years after his release.

The court heard that on December 3 in 2012 then then 17-year-old took part in an online conversation with a girl who had finished school for the day and offered to give her alcohol and cigarettes.

They consentually kissed but when the offender asked the victim "Are you ready to lose your virginitity?" She said no, he then went ahead and told her "too late"

A victim impact statement read out said she had become angry, depressed and felt unsafe in her own home or around men, her school life became unbearable because of gossip.

Judge Douglas Trapnell told the court "For a few minutes of gratification, you have completely destroyed this young women's life".