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Skinned croc found floating in Murray River near Barham

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A bizarre image has surfaced online of what appears to be a skinned crocodile after it was found floating in the Murray River.

The croc was found near Barham on Saturday when Brent Lodge noticed a bunch of rubbish while fishing with his dad.

Returning on Sunday to clean up the river, Lodge thought the crocodile was initially a goanna, but after pulling the tail he realised it was a freshwater crocodile that had been skinned.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Lodge says he doesn't know where the crocodile came from, but is around six foot long and had a hook through its mouth.

It's not yet known if a report has been made to the NSW Fisheries over the the incident.

Freshwter and salt water crocodiles are protected animals, and killing a crocodile can carry a penalty upwards of $28,000 in some states.

Image via Brent Lodge on Instagram - @lodgie828.