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Infrastructure plan hits hip pocket of Huntly residents

city of greater bendigo council building google maps

Infrastructure works could cost Huntly residents more if a new plan is given the green light by council later this month.

The City of Greater Bendigo is set to consider a plan that would mean land owners or developers in Huntly would have to pay the Development Contributions Plan an amount, depending on how much land they own.

The plan applies to 247ha east of the Midland Highway and north of the town centre, and encompasses around 30 properties, however it would not apply to Viewpont Estate.

In the report issued to Council, it notes that Huntly is expected to grow rapidly and will need to provide for some 6,000 people that requires $23.8 million worth of infrastructure.

The funds raised from the Development Contributions Plan would help pay for new roads, better intersections and play spaces, and would only be triggered when land is approved for subdivision through the planning permit process.

Council will discuss the proposal at its next meeting this month.

Image via Google Maps.