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Bendigo GovHub petition tabled at state parliament

bendigo city daniel brewer

A petition about Bendigo's impending GovHub has been tabled at state parliament.

Peter Walsh, state member for Murray Plains, says locals deserve transparency when it comes to plans to sell council-owned land for the GovHub.

Last week, the Leader of the Nationals presented a petition with close to 330 signatures from locals, demanding more detail be released from the state government and expects to deliver more signatures to Spring St in coming weeks.

Walsh says the City of Greater Bendigo plans to sell the land to the state government, move into temporary spaces early next year, then move into the GovHub when it's completed, but the community hasn't been properly consulted.

"The Bendigo community is demanding greater transparency from Daniel Andrews and their local member Jacinta Allan," he said.

Image via Daniel Brewer.