Robbo's Pet Project

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Thursday is Robbo's Pet Project day on The Wake Up Call wit BARC, Bendigo Animal Relief Centre...

Every super hero must work in the shadows and keep their identity secret from those they love and protect but most importantly from those they protect others from....And that is the case here with Black Lightning... Fighting evil by night, facing his foes the Ninja cats and the Rascally rabbits Black lightning strives to keep his yard free of crime and his family safe. But by day this super hero assumes the role of GREG a 22 month old pet greyhound wanting to lick your face, cuddle on the couch and go on the odd brisk walk twice a day. Always ready to spring into action Greg is a great example of a fit and healthy greyhound, rippling muscles, clean and shiny coat....  All those Ninja cats beware.

Looking for a lovely home with lots of valuables and an awesome family to protect Greg would enjoy another dog to be his sidekick as long as they could fit into the large size outfits he bought as a bulk purchase off WISH. Greg tells us no little dogs need apply, nor homes that have aligned themselves with those Ninja cats, Rascally rabbits or other small and fluffy type varmints. Ready to be loved and adored by his superhero fans... Black Lightning, I mean Greg is available to meet potential new families via appointment only which can be booked by calling BARC on 5441-2209.

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