The Wake Up Call's Pet Project

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For those of you are Disney fans you will be aware that Goofy is a Tall, anthropomorphic dog who wears a turtle neck and vest with pants, shoes, white gloves and a tall hat and if Goofy the Greyhound had a credit card he would be out of BARC and on a shopping spree as we speak for the above items. Goofy is looking for his Mickey and Mini mouse to love him and give him a full size couch to stretch out on after his morning walks. He lives up to his name and is certainly Goofy, always looking for the opportunity to be silly and make people laugh. Games of toy chasing you go get a stick are all part of our daily routine and he loves to wow crowds with his ability to make treats disappear. Although cartoon Goofy had lots of multiple specie friends our boy here can not be homed be cats or little animals including small dogs, however he is extremely social with medium to large sized dogs and would love a pal. Greyhounds like Goofy require minimal exercise and require a brisk walk twice a day, once exercised and Goofy had a walk or a ball game he will find somewhere and go to sleep for a few hours. Goofing around is fun but it makes him very sleepy. This Beautiful boy has a little white tip on the end of his tail that he loves to wave around for everyone to see. Bouncy Goofy walks well on a lead and has fair recall, he would be ok to live in a home kids over the age of 6 just big enough so he cant knock them over if he runs past. If you have been thinking of adding a long, sleek goofy looking dog into your home and are ready to be won over by a greyhound please give BARC a call on 54412209 and book in for a meet and greet appointment. Available for meet and greets 14/10/2021 Microchip #956000009481504

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The Wake Up Call's Pet Project
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