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Aussie singer and songwriter Paul Kelly is 65 on the 13th of January.

Paul grew up in Adelaide but moved to Melbourne when he was 21.

In 1978 he put together his backing group The Dots and they played around the traps of Melbourne gathering a strong live following.

He released two singles without success but his third release Billy Baxter cracked the Top 40.

His debut album called Talk broke into the Top 50 but follow ups Manilla and Post did not.

His fourth album Gossip went Top 20 as did the single Before Too Long.

During the 80's he became known as one of the best singer songwriters in Australia with tracks like Darling It Hurts, Leaps and Bounds, To Her Door, Dumb Things and Sweet Guy.

From the éarly 90's Paul worked as a solo artist and his band was simply The Paul Kelly Band, having previously toured and recorded with The Messengers (formerly The Coloured Girls).

Paul released seven studio albums in the 90's with mixed success while the title track from the four song EP How To Make Gravy became a live favourite.

During the 2000's Paul concentrated on film and tv soundtracks including Lantana (film) and Fireplays (tv).

A highlight during the 2010's was a joint tour with fellow singer songwriter Neil Finn.

In 2019 he released his twenty fifth studio album and a live recording from The Sydney Opera House.

The writer was lucky enough to meet Paul last year and he kindly signed a copy of his Gossip album.

Photo credit: Shaun Stokie