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Singer and songwriter Alice Cooper is 72 on the 4th of February.

Born Vincent Furnier in Detroit, as a 16 year old he formed a band to compete in a high school talent show.

The band called themselves The Earwigs and they won the contest performing parodies of Beatles songs.

They became Alice Cooper in '68 and they released their first album the following year.

Their third album called Love It To Death in '71 broke into the top 40 and the next year School's Out hit Number 2.

The title track was a top 10 hit around the world and hit Number 1 in the UK.

The band Alice Cooper released seven studio albums before Vincent himself adopted the name Alice Cooper.

His first solo album Welcome To My Nightmare was a top 5 hit and it spawned the songs Department of Youth, Only Women Bleed and the title track.

Some of his other hits in the 70's include You and Me, I Never Cry and How You Gonna See Me Tonight.

The 80's weren't as kind to Alice but he released the huge hit Poison in '89 and Trash returned him to the album charts.

Alice has released a further nine studio albums over the past 30 years with mixed success.

Sven Mandel [CC BY-SA]