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You Can Bank On Tony


Musician, songwriter, film composer and keyboardist with Genesis, Tony Banks, is 70 on the 27th of March.

Tony started piano lessons at age 8 and at school he met future Genesis lead singer Peter Gabriel.

Banks and Gabriel played in a group called Garden Wall.

Later, Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips joined from another school band, Anon, and Genesis was formed.

Phil Collins became the band's new drummer in 1970 and took over as lead vocalist when Gabriel left in '75.

The band had a number of top 10 albums in the 70's and in '78 they finally cracked the singles charts in a big way with Follow You Follow Me.

In the same year Tony scored the music for the film The Shout.

By the 80's the band was a trio, just Banks, Rutherford and Collins and they had their first Number One album with 1980's Duke.

Invisible Touch in '86 became the band most successful album spawning the hits Throwing It All Away, In Too Deep, Land of Confusion and the title track.

The hits continued on the album We Can't Dance in '91 but Phil Collins left in '96 leaving the band in disarray.

They released one more album with a new singer, Ray Wilson, but by 2000 Genesis was no more.

Like all good rock stories, the band got back together when Tony and his old mates Phil and Mike toured in 2007.

It was a surprise when Phil Collins quit playing music in 2011 but thankfully it didn't last too long and in 2015 he was back!

Earlier this month Genesis annouced they would tour the UK and Ireland in November and December.

Stay tuned!

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