The 80's lunch

What About Alex?


Singer, songwriter, musician and frontman for rock group Moving Pictures, Alex Smith, is 62 on the 30th of October.

Alex had played in various bands around Sydney before fronting Moving Pictures from 1978.

The band's debut album, Days Of Innocence, came out in October '81 and reached Number One, as did the single What About Me?

What About Me? also broke into the Top 30 in America and another single, Winners, just missed the top 10 in Australia.

In '84 their song Never appeared in the movie and on the soundtrack of the hit film Footloose.

The follow up album, Matinee, cracked the top 20 in Australia and contained the chart single Back To The Streets.

The band released a third album, The Last Picture Show, in '87 but broke up in the same year.

This month Alex has been doing some gigs around the country and he kindly posed for a pic with the writer at an acoustic/in store appearance at a Melboure record store.

Photo credit: Shaun Stokie