Vale : Wayne Gregson

When it comes to the word "legend" Wayne Gregson comes to mind.


I first got to know Wayne with his early time with Bruce Lees on the breakfast show, before morphing into The Wake Up Call with Gregson and Lees, as Content Director I got to know Wayne a lot more and was honoured to have him on staff, was always happy to help when needed and was happy to learn radio despite his years of knowledge as a journalist. Was always open to "air checks" as we call them.

Wayne was always one to get the show running for the next day, making calls and setting appointments to people I didn't even know existed, all with a smile on his face.

I always called Wayne "Mr Bendigo", if I needed a name or a number it was more than likely in Wayne's phone.

Then we got the news no one expected, that Wayne had weeks or months to live, you could have knocked me down with a feather, a man I got to know really well had to resign and concentrate on his health and family.

Wayne loved his family so much and would often speak about them to me at work. Wayne also loved his job not only with GOLD Central Victoria but also his time at Sunraysia Daily and Bendigo Advertiser.

Bruce and Wayne would often meet for dinner dates along with their wives, one day they met up and Wayne wanted one last time behind the microphone, it was amazing and an honour to sit in the studio with Wayne and Bruce.

Sadly Wayne passed away on Saturday morning (27th April). Wayne was a loved member of GOLD Central Victoria and will be missed.

To his family and friends, I and we as a company offer our sincerest condolences.

Thank you Wayne for being an amazing human, Rest In Peace.

Have a listen to Wayne and Bruce's last show "The Wake Up Call With Gregson And Lees"

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