Drew Drummond's Tough Fight

Drew Drummond and his family are in a very tough fight at the moment.


Drew is a mate, husband, father, brother and son, thirteen days ago Drew presented to his local doctor with a headache that just wouldn’t shift. A CT scan showed a ‘mass’ that put him on the operating table at St Vincent’s Hospital not 48 hours later.

His talented surgeons were fierce and precise taking every piece of the tumour they could see; without damaging any surrounding brain tissue. Drew and Amy were reassured but the 5 days’ wait on results was torturous. Despite our collective wishes, hopes and prayers, tests revealed Stage IV Glioblastoma – the most aggressive form of incurable brain cancer.


Tomorrow (Saturday 9th February) the family is having a fundraiser to raise some much needed funds being held at 104 Beischer Street with live auction, wood fired pizzas and live music.

Drew spoke with Daniel on The Home Stretch.

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