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Rick Is Never Gonna Give Up

Pop singer and songwriter Rick Astley is 53 on the 6th of February.


Rick's musical career began as a ten year old when he sang in the local church choir.

In '85 he was drumming for a local soul band and took over as singer when the band's vocalist left.

He was noticed by producer Pete Waterman and brought to London to work with famed producers Stock Aitken & Waterman in a recording studio.

His first solo single Never Gonna Give You Up became a world wide Number One hit topping the charts in 25 countries.

His debut album contained further hits Whever You Need Somebody, Together Forever and a great cover of When I Fall In Love.

His follow up album was less successful but contained the hits She Wants To Dance With Me, Take Me To Your Heart and Hold Me In Your Arms.

In the early 90's he parted ways with Stock Aitken & Waterman and his third album had a more mature sound.

Cry For Help was a stand out song from the album Free.

Rick retired from the music industry when he just 27 focussing on family life.

In 2001 he returned to recording releasing the album Keep It Turned On.

In 2004 he resumed touring and he has continued to release new material.

In 2007 rickrolling, which reveals Rick singing Never Gonna Give You Up by surprise, became an internet sensation.

One of the nice guys of the music industry, Rick was kind enough to pose for a photo after performing in Brisbane in 2014.