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Remembering A Handy Man

Singer and songwriter Del Shannon died on the 8th of February 1990.


Growing up in Michigan, Charles Westover (as he was born) learnt to play the guitar and ukulele and played guitar in a band in Germany while in the army.

Before recording his first single Runaway in 1961, he adopted the name Del Shannon.

Runaway became a smash hit and follow up songs Hats Off To Larry, So Long, Baby and Hey! Little Girl also charted.

He had other hits in the first half of the 60's including Stranger In Town, Handy Man and Little Town Flirt.

The hits dried up from '65 and Del turned to record production.

He returned to the charts in the early 80's with the song Sea Of Love, which was also covered by The Honeydrippers in the mid '80's.

Sadly he suffered from depression and he committed suicide aged 55.