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Remembering A Sweet Actor

Actor and comedian John Candy died on the 4th of March 1994.


John had some small tv roles in Canada before scoring a part in the movie Class of '44 in 1973.

In '79 his first real break came when he starred alongside John Belushi and Dan Akyroyd in the Stephen Spielberg film 1941.

He again joined Beluishi and Akyrod for a small role in The Blues Brothers movie, released the following year.

In the 80's he starred in box office hits Splash, Stripes, National Lapoon's Vacation and Uncle Buck.

In the 90's he appeared in Home Alone, JFK and Only The Lonely.

After a few unsuccessful movies, in 93 he starred in the box office hit Cool Runnings as Irving.

John suffered a heart attack the next year and died aged just 43.

Two unfinished movies were released after his death, Wagons East! and Canadian Bacon.