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There's Lots of Love for Mike Today

Singer and songwriter, Beach Boy Mike Love is 78 on the 15th of March.


Mike often sang at family get togethers with his cousins the Wilsons, Brian, Dennis and Carl.

He learnt saxaphone and played in a garage band that eventually became The Beach Boys.

By '64 Mike, the Wilson brothers and Al Jardine were the nucleus of the band and Bruce Johnston joined in '65.

While Brian Wilson wrote most of the tracks on the classic Pet Sounds album, Mike contributed the hit Wouln't It Be Nice and was responsible for the album's title.

Other Love compositions the band recorded include Good Vibrations, I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda, California Girls and their comeback song Kokomo, from the 80's movie Cocktail.

Mike has continued to tour with various Beach Boys line ups over the years including a 50th anniversary tour with Brian Wilson, Jardine, Johnston and short term member David Marks in 2012.

Apart from his Beach Boys recordings, Mike has recorded three solo albums, his most one was Reason For The Season released last year.

Mike was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Beach Boys in '88 and gave a memorable speech (youtube it).