The Long Lunch

Remembering Singer Jim Keays


Singer, songwriter and frontman for The Masters Apprentices, Jim Keays died on the 13th of June 2014.

Jim was born in Scotland and moved to Adelaide with his family when he was five.

In the mid 60's he joined the instrumental surf band called The Mustangs, who had decided to change their style by adding a lead singer.

In '65 they were renamed The Masters Apprentices.

The band had a number of line up changes over the years and had hits like Undecided, Turn Up Your Radio and Because I Love You.

The group broke up in '72 and Jim moved into musical opera and a solo recording career.

From 2000 he toured with Russell Morris and Daryl Cotton in the trio Cotton Keays and Morris.

The Masters reformed in the 80's and toured on and off from '88.

In '95 they recorded a new version of Turn Up Your Radio with The Hoodoo Gurus.

Jim was just 67 when he died of pneumonia.

Photo credit: Shaun Stokie