The Long Lunch

Bad Mick Who Clashed with Band Mates


Musician, singer and songwriter Mick Jones is 64 on the 26th of June.

Some of Mick's early bands include The Delinquents and London SS.

He met Joe Strummer in '76 and formed The Clash, whose first gig was supporting The Sex Pistols.

The band had hit singles London Calling, Train In Vain, Should I Stay Or Should I Go and Rock The Casbah.

The Clash broke up in '86 and Mick formed Big Audio Dynamite with Don Letts.

The band has had different line ups over the years with Mick being the only regular member.

Their hits include The Bottom Line, The Globe and Rush.

Joe Strummer died in 2002 ending any chance of Mick being a part of a Clash reunion.

Photo credit: Copyright (c) 1987 by Nancy J Price