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Absolutely Everybody Loves Vanessa


Singer and songwriter Vanessa Amorosi is 38 on the 8th of August.

Vanessa appeared on Young Talent Time but her big break came after being spotted singing in a Russian restaurant in the Melboure suburb of Carnegie.

In 1999 her first single Have A Look went Top 20 and the follow up Absolutely Everybody went Top 10.

Her next two singles Shine and The Power also broke into the Top 10.

In 2000 she performed at the Sydney Olympic Games in front of an estimated tv audience of 3 billion.

Her debut album The Power hit Number One but strangely her second album, Change, was not released in Australia.

Her third and fourth albums went Top 10 and Vanessa contined to dominate the singles charts with songs like Perfect, Kiss Your Mama! and This Is Who I Am.

Vanessa has worked with international artists Mary J Blige, American rock band Hoobastank and Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics.

After spending many years overseas, Vanessa recently returned to Australia and has been performing around the country over the past few months.

Vanessa was kind enough to pose for a photo recently with the writer.

Photo credit: Shaun Stokie