The Long Lunch

A Man Of Many Bands


Singer, songwriter and musician David Crosby is 78 on the 14th of August.

David briefly studied drama before quitting to make music his career.

In '64 in Chicago he met Jim McGuinn (he became Roger) and Gene Clark, with the trio forming The Byrds.

In 1965 the band's second single, a cover of the Bob Dylan song Mr Tambourine Man, became a Number One hit.

After four studio albums, David left The Byrds in mid '67 after a falling out with the other band members.

He then started performing with Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash (from The Hollies) joined soon after.

In '69 the trio played at Woodtock, only the second time they had performed together.

Neil Young joined after Woodstock and they group became Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

It was a relatively short stint as a foursome with recordings and tours marred by bickering.

Neil Young left in 1970 and the other three recorded and toured as a trio.

In '71 David released his first solo album, which featured Neil Young, Graham Nash & Joni Mitchell.

In the 80's David worked with Phil Collins on both his and Phil's material.

In '96 he formed Crosby, Pevar & Raymond with guitarist Jeff Pevar and David's son, James Raymond on piano.

Apart from his work with various bands, David has released seven studio albums, the most recent one was Here If You Listen last year.

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