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Hey Hey They Are The Monkees

The tv show The Monkees debuted on the 12th of September 1966.


In September 65 an ad was placed in newspapers looking for actors/musicians for a new tv show.

Around 400 hopefuls resulted in fourteen call backs and eventually four were chosen to star in the show.

Former child actor Mickey Dolenz, english musical actor Davy Jones, musician Peter Tork and Texan musical artist Mike Nesmith became The Monkees.

The first season was a success and was boosted by hit records like Last Train To Clarksville & I'm A Believer.

When it became known the band were not writing and recording their songs, there was a backlash that affected the second season.

In 1967 the ratings declined and record sales dropped in 68.

The show was cancelled in 68 after just two seasons and 58 episodes.

The band made further records after the show ended but without success.

The show's tv revival in 1986 resulted in spasmodic tours with different line ups generally without Mike Nesmith.