1 in 3 Aussies Admit to Zooming Through School Zones

January 25, 2024 11:15 am in by

In a recent survey, a staggering number of Australian drivers (almost 33%) confessed to breaking the golden rule – speeding in school zones.

It gets worse with 10% of these speed demons claimed they couldn’t spot any kids around and 1 in 20 of them either crashed or narrowly escaped disaster near a school.

It’s not just school zones where Aussies go pedal to the metal. A whopping 72% of drivers admitted to speeding in general, with two-thirds conveniently blaming their obliviousness to road signs.

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According to insurer AAMI, the most treacherous time on the roads is between 2 pm and 4:30 pm – school pick up time.

Most dangerous time on the roads is during school pick up, between 2pm to 4:30pm

The worst culprits? Queenslanders take the lead, with 40% confessing to speeding in school zones. Victoria and NSW hot on their heels at 33% each.

In contrast, South Australians were the safest, with only 22% admitting to this dangerous behaviour.

Research shows that the chances of a pedestrian surviving after being hit by a car traveling at 40km/h or less are 87%. This figure significantly drops as the speed increases.

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To put the brakes on road tragedies involving children, Aussies are being urged to slow down. Russell White, CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, reveals a shocking truth – every year, over 1200 precious lives are lost on Aussie roads.

Nobody wants to be part of a child-car collision, as it has a traumatic ripple effect in our community. School zones are designed to save lives and prevent fatalities, but they’ll only work if we actually follow the rules.


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