KFC releases Hilariously Ugly Christmas in July Sweaters for You and Your Pets

July 21, 2023 9:49 am in by Scott Couchman

Chicken gods KFC are known for their delicious drumrolls, tasty chips and that potato and gravy thing I can’t stop from licking clean at the end of every meal.

What you may NOT know about our poultry-preparing prodigies is they also make killer merchandise. Every so often they’ll drop a collection of limit-edition clothing that is absolute fire, and they’ve done it again.

KFC have just released an Ugly Christmas Sweater collection for Christmas in July and my god they’re truly eye-watering in the greatest possible way. The best thing about this collection of retina-offending clothing is each item comes with a a matching version for your pet! Mr Whiskers or Barkington The Third can rock the exact same sweater as you. Perfect for your family photos!

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Check out the full range and pick something up from their website.