Man Undertakes Unusual Experiment to Understand Wife’s Struggles

August 15, 2023 10:49 am in by
TikTok: @caseebrim

The experiment sounds delicious yet gruelling as a man straps 39 pancakes to his chest so he can understand what his F-cup bra-sized wife goes through daily.

Aussie TikToker @caseebrim made a video about how she learned that her F cup bra size equated to around 39 pancakes, so she challenged her husband to stuff a sports bra with exactly that to live a day in her life.

@caseebrim my man FINALLY understands what I complain about 🍒🏃🏼‍♀️💨😅 #husbandwifecomedy #largechestproblems #supportivebra ♬ Bim Bom – João GIlberto
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During the experiment, her husband realises just how hard it is to do basic everyday things like just putting on your seatbelt but got little sympathy from his wife as she fired back “Welcome to my life”.

Exercising was the next challenge where husband Brandon immediately ran into the problem of sweating under his pancakes and tried to jog but his big chest made that incredibly difficult.

Brandon can be seen holding the pancakes to his chest to make his life easier while running before admitting that “it’s hard” and agreeing with his wife Casee that being big-busted isn’t that glamorous.

Since the video was posted in July, the video has clocked up almost 700k views and has had people thanking the couple for putting this out there so that the everyday person can understand what women of all sizes have to go through.