Critics Say Peppa Pig’s Album is Better Than Travis Scott’s Utopia

August 2, 2023 11:09 am in by
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One of the biggest and most reputable online music websites Pitchfork, which reviews more music than almost any other website, has rated Peppa Pig’s album ‘Peppa’s Adventures’ higher than Travis Scott’s latest album ‘Utopia’.

‘Utopia’ features some big-name collaborations which include the likes of Beyonce, SZA, Drake, and The Weeknd but according to Pitchfork’s writer Alphonse Pierre the album is an “empty spectacle loaded with pop superstars who rarely make an impact.”

Pierre went on to say that “Sometimes, the marquee features and shiny production are good at masking the fact that Travis is an emotional blackhole on the mic.”

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“Travis needs those knockout guest appearances because nobody expects him to carry an album himself. The bar for him as a rapper is already low; he’s here for the vibes,” added Pierre.

He ultimately gives ‘Utopia’ a low 5.7 out of 10.

Comparing that to Pitchfork’s review of Peppa Pigs’ latest album which they describe as “charming and self-assured celebration of family, friendship, and muddy puddles.”

The reviewer Payton Thomas gave ‘Peppa’s Adventures’ a 6.5 out of 10, which is almost a whole mark higher than Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’.

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However, a lot of online punters believe the rating ‘Utopia’ received was too low with one person saying “Their review was actually pretty good although I do disagree with the concluding number TO BE HONEST.”

Another person said, “Let’s be honest, that album was not that great. Pitchfork did not lie. Going from Astroworld to Utopia was very underwhelming.”

There was also one person who questioned the comparisons between the two albums saying “It’s hilarious how the Peppa album has become a litmus test on the quality of an album.”


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