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Will you be tempted?

The Money or The Glovebox will test your resolve! You have the choice to take the cash on offer, or... open the glovebox and win what's inside. Risky? Maybe.

Listen between Monday 6th November till Friday 24th November all day to find out where our location will be. Be the first person at the location and you could win. We will be out and about across Central Victoria a couple of times per day so you need to have your ears tuned in to find out exactly where we will be. 

What will you do?

The money or the Glovebox thanks to

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Mercedes Benz Bendigo. APCO Easy Wash - McIvor Highway Strathdale. Hartley's Hunting & Takleworld. Bendigo Electronics. SENS Jewellers. GeJay Automotive. Santons of Bendigo. The All Seasons Bendigo.

Terms and conditions

Monday 6th November - Kirsty

Monday 6th November - Joel

Tuesday 7th November - Tarsha

Tuesday 7th November - Jamie

 Wednesday 8th November - Anthony

Wednesday 8th November

Thursday 9th November

Thursday 9th November

Friday 10th November

Friday 10th November

Monday 13th November

Tuesday 14th November

Tuesday 14th November

Wednesday 15th November

Wednesday 14th November

Thursday 16th November

Thursday 16th November