Lost Beagle Fox Hound Cross Epsom

A young female beagle fox hound cross called Christy has been lost from Golf Course Road Epsom. She is white with maroon patches. She was last seen at about 9 am on Friday the 8th. Call Vincent 0427 510 969.Twitter (function(d, s, id)

Lost: Missing Maltese x Poodle TREVOR

LOST Maltese x poodle, while in colour, answers to Trevor. Last seen wearing a leather black collar with gold button studs of Versace heads. Missing in the North Bendigo area.     Trevor ran away on Sunday the 3rd December @6:30pm by 7:30pm he was sighted near JOSS HOUSE/North Bendigo tramlines towards Parmalat factory. He...

Lost: Missing Cat

Young adult brown and black medium hair tabby cat. Very friendly, will play with anyone. Has been missing since Tuesday October 10th. Please contact Alexander Dobbie on 0438635134 for more information. Twitter (function(d, s, id)

Lost: Lost Persian Cat

Lost Persian, answers to Gizmo. 10year old male, white & tan. Micro-chipped, no collar. Missing in Marnie Road area, Kennington. Please contact Marg on 0439 326 167 for more information. Twitter (function(d, s, id)

Lost: Missing cat

I have lost my 5yr old female cat Charlie, she got given to me a few days ago so doesn't kno the area, she was let out by my 4yr old daughter on Sunday lunch timeish on Wesley street kangaroo flat, she is a large orange fluffy cat with white...

Found : Dog

FOUND Male black border collie. Has no tags but has a collar, found in the Maryborough area. Very friendly. Phone : Scott - 0419 937 875Twitter (function(d, s, id)

Lost: Lost Pomeranian

Missing from the Jackass flat area on Friday the 3/11 is my Pomeranian, he is small with brown & black hair. He has A serious medical condition and without his daily medication He is at risk. If you have him or know any information Please let me know. I am offering a...

Found: Blue grey older dog

Dog, blue black with cream chest. Medium sized. Like a blue healer. Cream eyebrows. Friendly. Doesn't bark. Blue Collar pet life written on buckle. Please contact Ruby on 0406824315 for more information. Twitter (function(d, s, id)

Lost: Boston Terrier

Small Dog, no tail. Black and White -front feet and chest are white. She has a flat face. Wearing a teal and pink collar w/ distinctive patterns. Very timid and will be extremely scared. Gone missing in the Long Gully/North Bendigo Area. Was last seen on Tuesday in the Showgrounds...

Found : Chicken

FOUND Chicken, gold in colour. Wandered into a yard in Benigo, very tame Robert : 0484 067 595Twitter (function(d, s, id)