Huntly Residents Campaign for Street-Side Australia Post Delivery

August 2, 2023 10:51 am in by
Photo: Robbie Goodall from Getty Images

Huntly residents are banding together to change the mail delivery system provided by Australia Post in a concentrated effort to rally for street-side delivery.

The upcoming Australia Post poll, scheduled to take place from August 12th through September 9th, 2023, presents an opportunity for residents to voice their preference for street-side mail delivery over the existing LPO collection.

Lisa Abbott, a Huntly Resident, has created the campaign #huntlymailpoll and is working with the community to spread the word and make some noise.

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Lisa says the current system, which requires residents to collect their mail in person or pay for a post office box, fails to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community with a massive 66.78% increase in private dwellings over the past five years and over 1000
additional dwellings to be added in the coming years.

In previous polls, the ‘no’ vote for street-side delivery has won – Lisa says that is due to a multitude of reasons including if the voting slip is not returned within the poll window, they count the vote as no.