Police to Monitor eScooter Safety

May 28, 2024 9:16 am in by
Credit: Gold Central Victoria.

Five days ago, 250 purple Beam eScooters popped up across Bendigo’s CBD, and police are voicing their concerns about the lack of rule-following already.

The app-based service features affordable pay-as-you-go rates ($1 to unlock and from $0.51 per minute to ride) and ‘virtual docking’ to protect city amenities. Beam’s Saturn 5 e-scooters, feature safety-first technology to support rider safety and other road users, including GPS tracking, geofencing and speed-limiting technology to ensure safe integration into the city’s transport network.

The e-scooters will also feature tip-resistant dual kickstands, front suspension, triple brakes, wireless charging phone holders, a Bluetooth-locked helmet, and swappable batteries.

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High precision geofencing will ensure riders remain inside the approved e-scooter operational zones, and swift action as the rider moves between zones with differing restrictions such as ‘slow zones’, where speed is automatically slowed, and ‘no go zones’ where e-scooters will not be allowed.

Beam’s Victorian Operations Manager, Ned Dale, says the company is committed to enforcing safe riding, in collaboration with the police.

“We invest in rider education, prevention and deterrence, but above all, even the safest e-scooter requires a safer rider, and we ask that people do the right thing – that means wear a helmet, follow the road rules,” Dale says.

For the first time in Victoria’s shared e-scooter trials, AI-powered Pedestrian Shield technology will be integrated into a number of the city’s e-scooter fleet to support rider education and enforcement.

With Pedestrian Shield, Beam’s e-scooters will accurately and reliably identify whether the vehicle is traveling on sidewalks, streets or bike lanes, enabling Beam to educate riders on safe riding in and around the city, by providing specific in-trip and post-trip feedback.

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Despite the built-in safety features, Bendigo Superintendent, Brad Dixon, tells the Wake Up Call, that locals still need to be responsible or risk losing their license.

Superintendent Dixon reminds locals of the age restriction on the scooters.

Superintendent, Brad Dixon reminds locals that road rules apply to all riders.