Small Dwellings Could Save Australia’s Deepening Housing Crisis

February 12, 2024 8:46 am in by
Credit: LOUISE BEAUMONT via Getty Images.

The National Farmers Federation is calling on government policymakers to shine a light on how local landholders can be part of the solution to Australia’s deepening housing crisis.

The push has been made by the agriculture sector’s peak body as part of the National Regional Housing Summit in Canberra.

The peak body says thats tiny homes and other temporary styles of farm accommodation here in Central Victoria could help solve the housing crisis.

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A recent change to Victorian Planning Provisions, building regulations and planning schemes, means building a tiny home is now easier than ever and there’s no need for a planning permit if it is 60 square metres or less and there are no special planning controls in place.

A small second home still requires a building permit, to meet siting, amenity, design and safety requirements – and cannot be subdivided or separately sold off from the main home.

Federation President, David Jochinke, says small dwellings could solve the issue of a lack of workers in the region.

Federation President David Jochinke (Jo-hink-ee) says it would be a win-win for everyone.

President Jochinke says tiny houses would work well but there are barriers to overcome first.